An escape room or locked room puzzle is a real-world, physical game featuring challenges, riddles, and mysteries to solve within a time limit. Work as a team to break out of our themed escape rooms, which are brought to incredible life with immersive set design, special effects, sound design, and carefully selected props-many of which we have designed and built ourselves.

UK Escape Games is a race against the clock, to work out the answers to fiendish riddles and gather clues from your environment before the room claims you for its own. All of our escape rooms have a time limit of one hour. If you’re not out by then, we’ll send our minions in to rescue you! Emergency access for any reason is available. Please make your games host aware whilst inside the game!

There is no entry to those under the age of 5 years at UK Escape Games. Some rooms feature darkness and/or loud noises as well as potential scares, however speak to your games host and they will help accordingly. Children aged 15 and under will need a participating adult aged 18 or over as part of their team entering the games. Children aged 16 – 17 are permitted to enter the games unaccompanied, however a responsible adult (18+) must remain in the UK Escape Games building for the duration of their visit.

You will not need a ticket for Twinlakes/Wheelgate Park to enjoy UK Escape Games. We share the same car park as the theme park guests, however we have a separate reception area from their theme park ticket entry booths. Please look for the UK Escape Games building on your arrival or ask one of the car parking attendants during theme park opening hours (10am – 5pm) to direct you to our reception.

UK Escape Games is located at Twinlakes Park and Wheelgate Park. There is ample free parking at these locations. Please note that UK Escape Games shares parking with theme park day entry guests. On extremely busy days it maybe required that you park within a 5 minute walk to UK Escape Games reception. Car parking attendants during theme park opening hours (10am – 5pm) will endeavor to park you within easy access of UK Escape Games.

Our escape rooms are built within custom designed buildings. All rooms are clean and free of debris. We have reception areas to wait within whilst room turnarounds and briefings take place. We strongly recommend that you wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, ladies we do not recommend high heels! Their is no seating inside the rooms, you will be practical and on your feet throughout the whole 60 mins experience.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your game start time, we require time to brief teams. We will make every effort for all teams to experience the full 60 minutes but this is only possible if you arrive within designated times.

Please call us ASAP if you are running late.
Mansfield – 01623 883559
Melton Mowbray – 01664 567777 –  Option 3

As we run to a strict schedule, we may have to take time off your game if you are late so that there is not a knock on effect to any following bookings.

All members of the team must sign a waiver and receive the health and safety briefing by your games host prior to room entry. You will not be permitted to enter the room until this is completed.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked time slot to allow time to complete the waiver and use the toilet facilities if required.

If you are due to arrive 15+ minutes after your booked time slot, we strongly suggest you reschedule your game (charged at 1/2 standard booking rate price for your team size) to allow you the full hour of game play.
Alternatively, you can still enter the room, but you can expect to have a maximum of 30 minutes game play, due to the time required to complete the waiver and brief the team prior to room entry.

Belongings can be placed securely away within the reception area. Please do not bring excess personal belongings. No phone, keys or any other items can be taken inside the games. Sorry, no filming or photography within the games. No liquids can be taken into the games, however refreshments are available prior or after your game. Please remember to collect all your personal belongings on exiting, we do not want evidence of your escape being left behind!

We do not recommend you play if you are pregnant. Some of our rooms involve crawling, or dark, enclosed spaces, tight corners, stairs, loud noises and potential scares. If you are heavily pregnant, or find darkness or the potential for scares troubling, you may not enjoy the experience. If you have had any problems during your pregnancy, or are unsure, please consult your doctor before attempting our escape rooms. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We do not recommend you enter our games on the basis that you could further impair of hurt yourself. Some of our rooms contain stairs, flashing lights, darkness, loud noises, smoke machines and potential scares. Please contact us to discuss room suitability or for further information. Consult your doctor before attempting our escape rooms.

Groups of friends, larger groups, and couples have all attempted to solve the mysteries of our escape rooms! However, we recommend that UK Escape Games is played in groups of between 2-8 people. If you have a larger group, we can arrange for you to play your chosen room back to back. Or, if there is availability, you can make a booking to play multiple escape rooms at the same time. UK Escape Games is very popular, so if you are thinking of coming in a large group it’s a good idea to enquire well in advance.

There are limited refreshments in reception, but our escape rooms are located within easy access of pubs, bars, cafes, takeaways and fast food.

Perfect for couples, friends and family, birthdays, hen/stag parties, corporate/colleague team building, celebrations and more! See Price/Booking link below!

Click here for pricing/group discounts!

We generally only take advance bookings to ensure a games host is on site. Availability can be viewed for each escape room and booked online.

If you would like to make a large group booking which will require more than 1 room, you can check availability online or alternatively email your inquiry to info@ukescapegames.com

Sessions in our escape rooms are highly sought-after, and the most popular dates fill up fast. Special events like Halloween, School Holidays, Christmas, New Year, and Easter are the first to go, so do book well ahead of time if you’re thinking of coming during these busy periods.

UK Escape Games Mansfield is open 7 days a week.

UK Escape Games Melton Mowbray is open 6 days a week (Closed on Mondays)

Robin Hood’s Breakout Friar Tuck (Mansfield) and The Nuclear Incident (Melton) have game slots available from 10:00 – 20:30

Molly O Grady’s Murder Mystery (Mansfield) and The Diamond Caper (Melton) have game slots available from 10:15 – 20:45.

Games run every 1 hour 30.

Both our Mansfield and Melton Mowbray locations currently have only 2 rooms at each location which can be booked and played.

Mansfield – Robin Hood’s Breakout Friar Tuck + Molly O Grady’s Murder Mystery

Melton – The Nuclear Incident + Diamond Caper.

Our 3rd Room at Melton Mowbray (The Fire, Search and Rescue) is currently closed following the fire at Twinlakes Park and will reopen at a future date.

Each room has a different personality and theme. We recommend exploring their individual pages before booking, as some are more intense than others. If you would like help choosing a room, please feel free to drop us an email on info@ukescapegames.com

We are happy to give you spoiler-free guidance on the locked room game that’s best for you!

Once you have made a booking, your team will be the only one to play the room at your chosen time slot! Other teams may play a different room simultaneously. If you have a group of 9+ and would like to play head to head against each other and the clock, please contact us to arrange your group booking.

Yes. We recommend going before you play! Once the door has locked behind you, you’re in for the duration. And may never come out at all… Obviously we’ll let you out whenever you like, if you need us to. But you don’t want to spoil the game!

Yes! Please give us a call and we can add extra participants onto your booking. Alternatively you can pay on the day for any extra! We do not have access to tills/cash on site so please bring with you a valid credit/debit card for payment.

No Refunds Given under any circumstances, including part refunds for members of the team who do not show!

We can reschedule your game for free, subject to availability, with a minimum of 2 days notice. Reschedules with less than 2 days notice, or if you have previously rescheduled the game before, will come at the charge of 1/2 standard booking rate price for your team size.

Due to the fire at Twinlakes Park, Melton Mowbray, our UK Escape Games (Twinlakes Park) branch temporarily closed. Our Nuclear Incident and Diamond Caper rooms are now open again and can be booked, however our Fire, Search and Rescue room will remain closed until further notice.

Due to the nature of live events, our phone lines are not always manned.

You can contact us by emailing info@ukescapegames.com
We monitor and respond to emails daily (excluding Sun/Mon), so you can expect an email back soon! Remember to keep an eye on junk/spam folders in case our response has been redirected there.

All attractions are 60 minutes. Rooms can have between 2 - 8 players
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